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Malaysia Petrol Price Increase to RM 2.70 from RM 1.92

petrol-priceIt’s just that the recent news that the petrol price in Malaysia is going to increase to RM2.70 per liter caused panic among my fellow Malaysians who would literally drive a mile to save a penny.

In other words, it’s a massive jam out there, anywhere there’s a petrol station. Thousands of people burning petrol to save petrol. They would probably empty the petrol station by today and save it into containers for later use. I have seen it happen before.

The petrol price in Malaysia is one of the most compelling factors in politics right now, as more and more political leaders promise to bring it down. So far, it seems the only way is up.

If there’s every a time to think about your future income, now is it. Do you think your pay increase this year will cover the inflation cost? Having a “fixed income” has never seem like such a bad idea as it does now.

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